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The AMCOW Executive Committee
The Executive Committee comprises the President of the Council and 15 other members—three members elected from each of the five sub-regions of Africa on a rotational basis. The members are selected by the sub-regions.
The Committee performs the following functions:

  • To deliberate on the decisions and recommendations of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and forward required decisions and issues for the deliberations of the Governing Council
  • To ensure that decisions of the Council are implemented
  • To endorse the programs and budgets for the approval of the Council
  • To decide on arrangements for the sessions of the Council, and
  • To decide on strategic directions of the constituent organs of AMCOW.

AMCOW President
Hon. Sarah Reng-Ochekpe, Hon. Minister, Ministry of Water Resources, Nigeria / AMCOW Interim President, August 2013 - Date

AMCOW Vice Presidents
Central Africa: SEM Youssouf Hamat Moussa, Hon Minister, Ministry of Rural and Urban Water, Chad / AMCOW Vice President

East Africa: Prof Judy Wakhungu, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Kenya / AMCOW Vice President

North Africa: H.E . Eng, Alhadi  Henshir, Hon. Minister, Ministry of Water Resources, Libya / AMCOW Vice President 

South Africa: Hon. Mr Joao Baptista Borges, Hon. Minister, Ministry of Energy and Water Affairs, Angola

West Africa: Hon. Sarah Sarah Reng-Ochekpe, Hon. Minister, Ministry of Water Resources, Nigeria

AMCOW EXCO Members                                           

Central Africa Region: Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Republic Democratic of Congo

East Africa Region: Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania

North Africa Region: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia

South Africa Region: Angola, South Africa, Malawi

West Africa Region: Nigeria, Republic of Guinea, Niger