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The African Ministers’ Initiative for WASH (AMIWASH) was formed in 2004 by Ministers responsible for water and sanitation in Africa, as a political effort to take up the responsibility to spearhead the effort to address Africa’s WASH challenge. This was essentially because it was imperative that the political leaders in Africa take up the responsibility to spearhead the effort to address the huge challenge facing Africa. AMIWASH brings together African Ministers from different sectors to work proactively together in accelerating their countries’ progress towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on water supply and sanitation. The specific objectives of AMIWASH are:

  1. To support African countries (governments) to achieve the MDGs on water and sanitation, through WASH advocacy, coalition building, and policy development and implementation;
  2. To place WASH issues high on the political agenda at AMCOW and strengthen AMCOW’s capacity in water supply, sanitation and hygiene; and
  3. To strengthen south-south collaboration on WASH interventions.

AMIWASH was introduced at the fifth ordinary session of AMCOW (Entebbe, November 2004), which welcomed it as “…a political advocacy for water, sanitation and hygiene on the African Continent”. AMIWASH was further presented by the AMCOW President and discussed at the Global WASH Forum in Dakar in 2004.
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