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Managing Water Resources (Transboundary Water Resources)
Effective management of water resources is critical to sustainable economic growth in Africa and to the meeting of the MDGs. While there is a focus in this theme on the management of national water resources, a strong element, arising from the large number of transboundary basins and aquifers across the continent, is on the management of transboundary water resources.
At the African Water Week conference in Tunis, the debate on management water resources moved on from integrated water resources management to water for growth and development, integrating water resources management into socio-economic development debates, on the understanding that, in developing countries, water management must support the primary concern for economic growth, job creation and poverty reduction.
The management of water resources links strongly to a number of the other themes in this work plan:

  • There are strong links between WRM and the infrastructure theme, with the development and management of infrastructure seen as a critical part of WRM in the developing country context
  • The issue of financing (theme 6) is critical to effective water resources management;
  • Water resources management, governance, and climate change are all linked, with adaptive governance and management being critical to the challenge of mitigating the impacts of climate change.

6 focus areas have been identified under this theme:

  • Creating an enabling policy environment
  • Review, monitoring and reporting
  • Strengthen collaboration with civil society and partner institutions
  • Governance
  • Capacity building and training and
  • Infrastructure development

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