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I have the pleasure to welcome you to AMCOW Website. The site provides the platform to better inform you on AMCOW’s mission and activities.

This is especially useful now that AMCOW has begun to implement identified work priorities aimed at fulfilling the objectives of the Africa Water Vision, the Sharm El Sheikh Declarations, the Ethekwini Commitments, and other such declarations. This strategic plan has been developed with the aim of promoting more effective management of our water resources and using the vital resource for the continent’s socio-economic development, providing better access to potable water and ensuring improved sanitation for Africa’s teeming population.

Working with our partners and friends, AMCOW is poised to lead the process of addressing these challenges starting with meeting the SDGs on water and sanitation. Through this medium and other information channels, we will keep you informed about the work we do and also create an interactive feedback mechanism, so together we can make Africa more prosperous because we make better use of our water resources.

Dr. Canisius Kanangire

Executive Secretary