UN-Water Print

UN-Water www.unwater.org strengthens coordination and coherence among UN entities dealing with issues related to all aspects of freshwater and sanitation. This includes surface and groundwater resources, the interface between freshwater and seawater and water-related disasters. The United Nations recognizes that it needs to mobilize its resources in an efficient and integrated manner to tackle global water challenges and meet the ambitious development and environment targets set by the international community.

UN-Water www.unwater.org was established in response to this need. The UN-Water/Africa represents the regional body of UN-Water (Global) in Africa. It was established as a mechanism to co-ordinate the activities of the UN agencies working in the field of water in Africa and to strengthen their co-operation to avoid duplication and ensure most effective way for implementing their programmes.

The UN Water/Africa member agencies UNEP www.unep.org, WMO www.wmo.int, UNECA www.uneca.org, UNESCO www.unesco.org, FAO www.fao.org and UN-Habitat www.unhabitat.org, focus their activities in Africa on supporting and promoting NEPAD water sector activities as well as AMCOW activities.

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