From the Executive Secretary Print

I have the pleasure to introduce myself to you as the new AMCOW Executive Secretary.

I commenced my duties on the 1st of September 2016. I am eager to serve the continent in spearheading the AMCOW agenda and working towards the actualisation of the Sharm el-Sheikh commitments on Water and Sanitation made by Africa Heads of States and Governments.

As I take on the reins of leadership at the AMCOW secretariat, I am committed to strengthening AMCOW in its mission of providing political leadership in the Water sector in Africa.

At AMCOW, we believe that we have the responsibility to effectively and efficiently coordinate actions of key water and sanitation players, facilitate the strengthening of regional cooperation on water resources management and development, and capacity building of relevant institutions and agencies.

We will endeavour to develop advocacy for access to funds and other support for infrastructure development for water security and sanitation for all. We will also endeavour to strengthen the AMCOW secretariat through improvement of its planning and management function including the strengthening of its fiduciary functions in order to achieve more accountability, transparency and value for money.

I wish to thank the AMCOW Governing Board and all the partners for their unwavering support. I count on your continued support and contributions as we use AMCOW’s achievements in the last 14 years as a springboard to bring AMCOW, and indeed the entire continent’s water and sanitation sector, to greater heights.

I now have the pleasure to welcome you to the AMCOW website, a platform meant to provide you with information on AMCOW’s mission and activities as well as updates on our efforts to implement our continent’s priority agenda on water and sanitation.

Welcome to our world!

Dr Canisius Kanangire

Executive Secretary

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